Mounts are one of the gears in this game. Players can put it on/off (equip/unequip). Mounts categories were added in Shop on October 25, 2018. Players with horses can travel with +50% speed. No players without mounts on can travel 4 blocks per second. Mounted players can travel 6 blocks per second. You can watch 10 facts about horses that you might not know here.

Horses Edit


Added on October 25, 2018. A plain brown horse with no horn. Cost 6000 gold in the shop.

Unicorns Edit


Added on November 5, 2018. A light purple unicorn with purple tail and a rainbow horn. Cost 7000 gold in the shop.

Reindeer Edit


Added on November 9, 2018. A brown reindeer with short brown tail and a nice complicated horns. Cost 7000 gold in the shop.

Bugs/Glitches Edit

There were the many early glitches on the release date for horses. If a player unequipped it, then equipped it again. It won't show. Players would have to quit the game to get it back. This glitch was patched very quickly

There is currently a glitch that if a player with a mount goes to a 2 blocks height places, the player will be able to see through walls. This bug has not been patched yet.