Global Moderator is a new feature added on November 2, 2018 (The November Moderator Update day). On Builder Buddies Version 1.7.3

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Global moderators working in wilderness

Global Moderator are just like normal moderator, but something are different.

  • They can use the timeout/mute power everywhere in the game INCLUDING Wilderness chat
  • They cannot be muted by any mayor or moderator
  • On November 20, 2018 They have been given an axe badge.


  • They cannot mute a mayor or a moderator in his or her own town.

How to be a global moderator

  1. The game creator must choose you.
  2. Having a lot of players nominate you
  3. Global moderators nominate you.

Global Moderator List

There are currently 11 global moderators we know,

  1. Spider Cai - (English)
  2. Yoda Dog - (English)
  3. Torrapicus Termite - (English)
  4. Amelia Sanchez - (English and Spanish)
  5. Itz Emma - (English, Arabic and Spanish)
  6. Marie Century - (English)
  7. Shawn Distor - (English and Tagalog)
  8. Nicey Boy - (English and Thai)
  9. Aaron James - (English)
  10. Itz Paige - (English and German)
  11. Lizzie Grande - (English and Arabic)
  12. Siberian Husky - (English, Spanish and French)