Global Moderator is a new feature added on November 2, 2018 (The November Moderator Update day). On Builder Buddies Version 1.7.3

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Global moderators working in wilderness

Global Moderator are just like normal moderator, but something are different.

  • They can use the timeout/mute power everywhere in the game INCLUDING Wilderness chat
  • They cannot be muted by any mayor or moderator
  • On November 20, 2018 They have been given an axe badge.


  • They cannot mute a mayor or a moderator in his or her own town.

How to be a global moderator

  1. The game creator must choose you.
  2. Having a lot of players nominate you
  3. Global moderators nominate you.

Global Mods Vision

There is a drama post on Nov 28, 2018. A player asking the game developer to remove global moderators. Because the poster thinks global mods are taking too hard on their works and muting lots of people. Here are how global moderators replied.

Spider Cai

Why would it be a problem if 2 global mods was to be hanging out at any town, if you aren't doing any thing wrong? No one needs muting if people are just chatting and having a good time. Loveland and Beach Port are the number one towns for a lot of people to hang out. There should be no restrictions of where we (Global mods) can visit that’s just ridiculous. Also there’s plenty of mods that are at wilderness but we also just can’t sit in wild all day just like we wouldn’t be able to sit at your town all day.

Amelia Sanchez

Why do you guys want global mods to be removed? We only MUTE the people who are saying inappropriate things, Cussing and spamming. Clearly the people who want this removed are the people who cause trouble. If you can’t control yourself then this game isn’t for you. We are trying to make the bb community positive. Just remember this is a game for 9+ and a lot of kids play this. If you guys have a little brother or sister, would you guys want them to see someone cuss or say inappropriate things?

Fatalx Beauty

Warning: the vindictive players in wilderness makes the chat worse. I ,for one, am in the wilderness A LOT! I use to give warnings. Seeing how that makes matters worse. I personally see no reason to say anything. If I see you saying inappropriate crap including abbreviated cuss words, spamming as in copy paste every 3 seconds or sexual content. Yes I’ll mute you without hesitation. As far as myself I could careless what the mayors do in their own towns when they have mods. But towns like Jolly/Ghost/Loveland etc.. have zero mods! So yes I will go in those towns. Because these “9 year olds” also go into these towns. I mean this is a dang building game.. why in the hell is there even smashing to begin with? so sad to be honest. Anyways things would run a lot smoother if the jealousy and hate towards GM’s was put aside, and more focus was on running your towns. We have rules we have to follow. Every multiplayer game has mods! Do you see those mods? No you don’t! They are not there to be your besties! They are there to keep the game safe and family friendly. So my thoughts on that matter as a whole. If you cant comply DELETE IT! Simple

Torrapicus Termite

Why are you upset with GMs when they have no power to mute the mayor or any mod at Candy City. Right now if the mayor wants to run a “swearing town” you are free to do so, unlike the old system. Ironically this GM backlash is going to have the opposite effect. You could have kept quiet about your freedom-swearing town. Now everyone knows and no doubt Xavier will be changing things again

Global Moderator List

There are currently 13 global moderators we know.

  1. Spider Cai - (English)
  2. Yoda Dog - (English)
  3. Fatalx Beauty - (English)
  4. Torrapicus Termite - (English)
  5. Amelia Sanchez - (English and Spanish)
  6. Ashley Flowers - (English and Turkish)
  7. Itz Emma - (English, Arabic and Spanish)
  8. Marie Century - (English)
  9. Shawn Distor - (English and Tagalog)
  10. Nicey Boy - (English and Thai)
  11. Greeny Bub - (English, Georgian and Russian)
  12. Aaron James - (English)
  13. Itz Paige - (English and German)